Back Onside

Improving the nation’s mental health through education, support and inclusion.

Providing #SupportThroughSport

Through tailored drop-ins and workshops within schools, businesses and sports clubs of all levels, Back Onside has developed classes to highlight the following aspects of mental health. We do this by working in six areas:

The Pay It Forward campaign

Have you, or somebody you know, received support from Back Onside?

If so, you’ll understand exactly just how precious and important our services are.

As a small charity, we receive no government support and therefore rely fully on our supporters, like you, to keep our services running.

With the cost-of-living crisis taking its toll, demand for our services is higher than ever and naturally, our funds are decreasing.

Every single service that we provide comes at a cost. Whether it be a one-off payment, a monthly donation or undergoing your own fundraising, your support WILL help us reach somebody else, struggling with their mental health. We would be forever grateful for your support.
So, if Back Onside has impacted your life in some way, we are asking you to please, consider paying your support forward. Please help us ensure that we can continue to be there for anyone who needs us.

And remember, every donation, no matter how big or small, will massively help somebody else struggling with their mental health.

Crisis contact details

If you feel that someone needs help beyond your ability, or you want further advice for yourself or a loved one, here is a list of useful contacts:

Breathing Space

Breathing Space

0800 83 85 87

Emergency services

If you feel that you or the person in question is unable to stay safe, always contact 999 immediately and seek emergency support.