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How we work

Through tailored drop-ins and workshops within schools, businesses and sports clubs of all levels, Back Onside has developed classes to highlight the following aspects of mental health. We do this by working in six areas:



We seek to unlock the potential within every person by highlighting the skills they already possess, boosting their confidence and changing their outlook on life. 



We encourage each person working with Back Onside to alter their perspective on their situation and focus on the future and the brighter picture that lies ahead.



We help every person to understand and appreciate that small changes to their mindset can result in significant progress in their life and outlook.



We teach people how to translate the techniques learned in our workshops and counselling sessions into everyday life. How to use these tools to improve self-image, confidence, employability and relationships. 



We motivate every person to stay in education/ work and to always further themselves. To stay focussed on their dreams and take the correct steps in achieving goals and targets, step by step. 



Back Onside can adapt our workshops and counselling sessions to apply to ages of 16+. We pride ourselves on making bespoke workshops that allow us to focus on the needs of each individual.

Providing support, awareness and education around Mental Health

Sport truly is the backbone of Back Onside. Sports and exercise have been scientifically proven to improve your mood, boost serotonin, reduce stress and provide bursts of respite from some mental health conditions. Here at Back Onside we put this into practice — we provide #SupportThroughSport.

Our workshops and classes team life skills with group sports activities. From the rush of scoring goals to writing or refining your CV, Back Onside marry life skills with sports.

Alongside our programmes, Back Onside work with the wider community by delivering the following.

Mental health awareness

24/7 Crisis Line Support

Feeling vulnerable, anxious or struggling with daily life? We’re here 24 hours, 7 days a week providing emergency and tailored support for those struggling with their mental health.

One-to-one counselling and support

Professional Counselling Services

Our team of experienced councillors provide 1-1 counselling services for those in need.

facts and education one off classes

Educational Courses

We visit schools, universities, clubs and businesses to educate, inform and raise awareness about mental health.

team changing room talks and training

Changing Room Chats

Tailored specifically to sports clubs, we’ll visit your team and start the conversation around the importance of mental health in sport.

Support Workshops

Our counsellors and mental health first aiders will visit any organisation to provide group support and advice.

Bespoke corporate solutions mental health

Bespoke Corporate Services

Our team of specialists create mental health support programmes tailored to your business. From mental health first aid training to group talks and everything in between, we’ll establish a support plan to suit your organisation’s needs.

We offer these to individuals, teams and businesses who want help to raise awareness of social issues and mental health conditions in order to reduce the stigma in the workplace/in society and combat discrimination that often surrounds these areas.

The Back Onside team

Every day we are inspired and in constant awe of the bravery of people contacting Back Onside for help. Everyone has a story, and so do we — here are the faces behind Back Onside.


Sheridan Smith Back Onside patron

Sheridan Smith

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Gary Hollywood

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David Cox

Sports ambassadors

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Kris Doolan

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Gary Fraser

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Jamie Winter

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Junior Mendes

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Amy McDonald

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Danny Swanson

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Marvin Bartley

Community ambassadors

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Jason McGinn

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