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Every day we are inspired and in constant awe of the bravery of people contacting Back Onside for help. Everyone has a story — and so do we.

Darren’s story

Darren began struggling with anxiety after making a big move from England to Scotland and trying to adjust to the new environment and surroundings.

Tony’s story

Tony ran the Edinburgh 10k last month to raise vital funds for Back Onside after receiving support through our 1-1 counselling service.  Here’s Tony’s story:

Kirk’s story

Kirk is participating in the London Duathlon to raise vital funds for Back Onside this September.

Back Onside blog stories

Joanne’s Story

Joanne began struggling with her mental health whilst trying to juggle a busy family life as a newly single mum to two young children.

John Paul Lusk Back Onside Trustee

John Paul Lusk

“I decided to raise funds for Back Onside and Beatson Cancer Charity for the support that they’ve given me during a difficult time” Hey! I’m

Mark Bayne's story Back Onside

Mark Bayne

“By opening up and talking much more freely to people, things have improved greatly.” Hi, I’m Mark, and Back Onside supported me when I struggled

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson

Meet Andrew Ferguson “My advice to anyone struggling would be to seek help and speak to someone. This helped me loads when I was dealing

Courtney Lewis

Courtney Lewis

“I unexpectedly had a miscarriage and from there my mental health deteriorated rapidly. I was having panic attacks and was very suicidal” I couldn’t believe


Vipond Fire Protection

“Several of our employees have been affected by suicide and other mental health struggles as most of us are ex-military who served in conflicts”

Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins

Sean was a professional footballer whose mental health took a tumble when he took a step back from the game full time. After losing his dad, it all got too much.

Calum peat

Calum Peat

Calum Peat was in hospital due to mental health problems when Libby Emmerson, founder of Back Onside, reached out.  3 years later, he is in

Lizzi Stewart speaks about her son Lee

Lizzi Stuart

Lizzy Stuart speaks about the loss of her son, Lee at only 17 years old. Lizzy explains the importance of educating young people about mental