How we help

Services provided

Alongside our programmes, Back Onside work with the wider community by delivering the following.

Mental health awareness

24/7 Crisis Line Support

Feeling vulnerable, anxious or struggling with daily life? We’re here 24 hours, 7 days a week providing emergency and tailored support for those struggling with their mental health.

One-to-one counselling and support

Professional Counselling Services

Our team of experienced councillors provide 1-1 counselling services for those in need.

facts and education one off classes

Educational Courses

We visit schools, universities, clubs and businesses to educate, inform and raise awareness about mental health.

team changing room talks and training

Changing Room Chats

Tailored specifically to sports clubs, we’ll visit your team and start the conversation around the importance of mental health in sport.

Support Workshops

Our counsellors and mental health first aiders will visit any organisation to provide group support and advice.

Bespoke corporate solutions mental health

Bespoke Corporate Services

Our team of specialists create mental health support programmes tailored to your business. From mental health first aid training to group talks and everything in between, we’ll establish a support plan to suit your organisation’s needs.

We offer these to individuals, teams and businesses who want help to raise awareness of social issues and mental health conditions in order to reduce the stigma in the workplace/in society and combat discrimination that often surrounds these areas.